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From the Desk of Mayor Kepley

Greetings, my name is Stephen Kepley and I am the Mayor of The City of Kentwood.  I am proud to say that Kentwood is a dynamic community of 49,184 unique individuals who are well educated and equipped for today’s and tomorrow’s jobs. We are poised to assist and work with any enterprise that wishes to begin and grow the American Dream. 


Business for Breakfast Meeting In Kentwood | 5/19/2015
We were so happy to host Michigan WORKS!, John Buchan from Autocam, and Kevin Stotts with Talent 2025. We converged to inform our local businesses about the National Career Readiness Certificate Program. Parents need to know their children have been taking this test alongside the ACT for years. Thanks to Kentwood EDC and Wyoming-Kentwood Chamber of Commerce!

  ---  Mayor Kepley

Retrofitting Suburbia | 5/19/2015
I had the opportunity to meet and listen to author Ellen Dunham Jones discussing how to retrofit suburbia.  We love our City but we must understand how we can improve!

  ---  Mayor Kepley


X-Rite In The News! | 5/13/2015
Congrats to X-Rite on their new customer training center!

Click here to see the story...

  ---  Mayor Kepley


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