1. Call meeting to order at 7:00 P.M.
  1. Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag (DeMaagd).
  1. Invocation by Rev. James Kralt of East Paris Christian Reformed Church.
  1. Roll Call:  Artz, Brown, Coughlin, DeMaagd, Haas and Mayor Kepley.
  1. Approve agenda.
  1. Acknowledge visitors and those wishing to speak to non-agenda items.
  1. Consent agenda (roll call vote).
       a.         Receive and file minutes of the City Commission Retreat held on
                   January 31, 2015.
       b.         Receive and file minutes of the Committee of the Whole Meeting held on
                   February 3, 2015.
       c.         Res.  -15 to set a March 17, 2015 public hearing date for the establish-
                   ment of an Industrial Development District and approval of an Industrial
                   Facilities Exemption Certificate in the City of Kentwood for Lacks
                   Enterprises, Inc. located at 4975 Broadmoor Ave., SE; under Act 198.
       d.         Res.  -15 to revise Industrial Facilities Certificate No. 2014-417 in the
                   City of Kentwood for GRW Technologies, Inc. located at 4460 – 44th St., 
                   SE; under Act 198.
       e.         Res.  -15 to revoke Industrial Facilities Certificate No. 07-007 for Knoll,
                   Inc. located at 4300 – 36th St., SE; under Act 198.
       f.          City Payables.
  1. Approve minutes of the regular City Commission Meeting held on February 3, 2015 as distributed.
  1. Presentations and Proclamations.
  1. Communications and Petitions.
  1. Public Hearings.
       a.         Res.  -15 to authorize the acceptance of Community Development Block
                   Grant Funds from Kent County.  (roll call vote)
                   Res.  -15 to authorize the use of Community Development Block Grant
                   Funds from Kent County.  (roll call vote)
  1. Report of Standing Committees.
13.       Other Committees.
14.       Bids.
            a.         Financial Audit Services for the Finance Department.  (voice vote)
            b.         City to City Agreement for Division Avenue reconstruction from 54th
 to 60th Streets for the Engineering Department.  (voice vote)
            c.         Res.  -15 to approve a MDOT contract for the Division Avenue re-
                        construction.  (roll call vote)
15.       Resolutions.
            a.         Res.  -15 to amend Resolution 75-14 to change a City Commission
                        Meeting date in the 2015 calendar year.  (roll call vote)
16.       Ordinances.
17.       Appointments and Resignations.
18.       Bills.
19.       Comments of Commissioners and Mayor.
20.       Adjournment.
                                                                                                            Mary Bremer
                                                                                                            Deputy City Clerk