AGENDA: March 7, 2017

1. Call meeting to order at 7:00 P.M.

2. Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag (Haas).

3. Invocation by Rev. Jay Jones, Pentecostals of Kentwood.

4. Roll Call: Artz, Brown, Coughlin, DeMaagd, Haas and Mayor Kepley.

5. Approve agenda.

6. Acknowledge visitors and those wishing to speak to non-agenda items.

7. Consent agenda. (roll call vote)
    a. Receive and file minutes of the Committee of the Whole meeting held on
        February 21, 2017.
    b. Res. -17 to set a Public Hearing for an Industrial Development District and
        Industrial Facilities Exemption for Hearthside Food Solutions, 2975 Radcliffe
    c. City Payables.

8. Approve minutes of the regular City Commission Meeting held on February 21, 
    2017 and February 27, 2017 as distributed. (voice vote)

9. Presentations and Proclamations.
    a. Administer Oath of Office to Police Sergeant David Unseld.

10. Communications and Petitions.
      a. Approval of draft engineering scope language for engineering consulting
          services for Wing Avenue reconstruction. (voice vote)

      b. Petition of the City of Kentwood Treasurer to strike the 2011 and prior years
          Delinquent Personal Property Taxes from the tax roll. (voice vote)

      c. Declare office of Commissioner-at-Large vacant due to resignation of Steven
          Redmond. (voice vote)

11. Public Hearings.
      a. Patterson Place Commercial Planned Unit Development located at 4570 – 28th
          St., SE.
          i. Conditional approval of the major change to the approved site plan for Case
             No. 7-17 Hilton Tru Hotel subject to conditions 1-8 and basis points 1-5.
             (voice vote)

12. Report of Standing Committees.

13. Other Committees.

14. Bids.
      a. Authorize a contract for the reconstruction of Andrew St., Ash Ave., and
          portions of Rondo St. with Al’s Excavating, Inc. (voice vote)

      b. Authorize a contract between Kent County, In’t Hout Concrete Construction,
          and the City of Kentwood for construction of pickleball courts at Old Farm
          Park. (voice vote)

      c. Authorize the purchase of service maintenance agreements for network
          switches from Precision Data Products, Inc. (voice vote)

      d. Approve the purchase of one Toro lawn mower from B & B Truck Equipment.
          (voice vote)

15. Resolutions.
      a. Res. -17 to Approve a Contract with the Michigan Department of
          Transportation for Rehabilitation of 44th Street from Shaffer to Broadmoor.
          (roll call vote)

16. Ordinances.

17. Appointments and Resignations.

18. Bills.

19. Comments of Commissioners and Mayor.

20. Adjournment.

                                                                                                       Becky L. Schultz
                                                                                                       Deputy City Clerk