1. Call meeting to order at 7:00 P.M.
  1. Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag (Artz).
  1. Invocation by ---
  1. Roll Call:  Artz, Brown, Coughlin, DeMaagd, Haas, Redmond and Mayor Kepley.
  1. Approve agenda.
  1. Acknowledge visitors and those wishing to speak to non-agenda items.
  1. Consent agenda (roll call vote).
a.         Receive and file minutes of the Committee of the Whole Meeting held on
            June 2, 2015.
b.         Res.   -15 to approve the Water and Sewer Operating and Capital Budgets
            and to set the rates for Water and Sewer services in the City of Kentwood
            (Wyoming District) for fiscal year 2015-16.
c.         Authorize the Mayor to enter into a contract with Mark 1 Restoration
            Services for the amount not to exceed $73,000.00 (including a 15%
            contingency) for the tuck pointing and staining of the City Hall exterior with
            funds from the FY 2015-16 Property and Building Fund budget.
d.         Res.   -15 to adopt the Freedom of Information Policy.
e.         Re.   -15 to revoke Industrial Facilities Exemption Certificate No. 2006-147
            issued to Borisch Manufacturing Corporation located at 4550 Air West Dr.,
            SE; under Ac 198.
f.          Approve the City’s annual contribution of $1,560,000.00 to the City of
            Kentwood Employee Pension Plan custody account at Fifth Third Bank.
g.         Res.   -15 to extend payment terms for a Confirmed Special Assessment
            District for Ravines Neighborhood B1.
h.         City Payables
i.          Authorize the Mayor to enter into a construction agreement with Bosco
            Construction, LLC, owners of the property known as Wildflower Creek #2
            which is located north of 52nd Street and west of East Paris Avenue, to
            authorize the Developer to install storm sewers and streets in preparation
            for the City’s acceptance of them as public, and to set up an escrow
            arrangement to offset the City’s costs relative to construction inspection
            of those improvements.
  1. Approve minutes of the regular City Commission Meeting held on June 2, 2015 as distributed.
  1. Presentations and Proclamations.
  1. Communications and Petitions.
            a.         Request by Total Health Chiropractic for a pole sign at 2172 East Paris
                        Ave., SE.  (voice vote)
            b.         Request for waiver from the sign ordinance requirements for Sheldon
                        Cleaners at 3000 Breton Ave., SE.  (voice vote)
  1. Public Hearings.
  1. Report of Standing Committees.
13.       Other Committees.
14.       Bids.
            a.         Salt Storage Building roof replacement for the Department of Public
                        Works.  (voice vote)
            b.         Truck Hoist for the Department of Public Works.  (voice vote)
15.       Resolutions.
            a.         Res.   -15 to approve an application for an Industrial Facilities Exemption
                        Certificate in the City of Kentwood for Lacks Enterprises, Inc. located at
                        4975 Broadmoor Ave., SE; under Act 198.  (roll call vote)
            b.         Res.   -15 regarding the installation of sidewalks on arterial and collector
                        streets.  (roll call vote)
16.       Ordinances.
17.       Appointments and Resignations.
            a.         Confirm appointment of Evan (Andy) Johnson as City Assessor.  (voice
            b.         Administer Oath of Office to Evan Johnson as City Assessor.
18.       Bills.
19.       Comments of Commissioners and Mayor.
20.       Adjournment.
                                                                                                            Mary Bremer
                                                                                                            Deputy City Clerk