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August 11, 2014

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Members Present:          Gaffin, Clements, DeLuccia, Coughlin, DeBruyn
Members Absent:           Gabrielse, Brandt, Zwarensteyn, VanderHeide
Others Present:                Lisa Golder, Economic Development Planner, Tom Chase, Finance Director, Sharon Brinks, Kentwood City Commissioner

Quota Liquor License application – Al-Bos
While the members waited for a quorum to discuss official matters. the group discussed the application for Al Bos for the quota license.  The City Commission wanted to see the city policy on the issuance of liquor licenses and in particular, quota licenses.  This was reviewed with those members present.  The basis for the EDC decision was discussed and contrasted with that of the application that was denied for Thai Fusion.  There was general discussion about the liquor license application and Dave DeBruyn and Earl Clements agreed to attend the City Commission meeting and discuss their reasoning for the recommendation of approval.
Financial Report:
After a quorum was attained, the Financial Report was review by Mr. Chase.
After discussion a motion was made by Coughlin with support from Clements to receive the financial Report for the month ending May 31, 2014.
--Motion Carried
The minutes from June 17th and June 30th were reviewed.
After discussion, a motion was made by DeBruyn with support from Clements to approve the minutes of June 17th and June 30, 2014.
                                                                                                                --Motion Carried—
Farmers Market:
The EDC has approved the consulting fee for the Michigan Farmers Market Association to undertake a feasibility study for a market in Kentwood.  The kick off meeting for community partners is to be held on August 25, 2014 from 3-5 PM at Kentwood City Hall, or possibly the library.  All EDC members are welcome to take part.
The meeting was adjourned.