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Kentwood Committees & Boards
Historical Commission
Agenda for 04/12/2007

Kentwood Library
Kentwood Heritage Room
April 12, 2007

NOTE: This meeting is on a second Thursday and NOT the third Thursday of the month as is usual. This is an abbreviated meeting to check on the progress of events on May 4 and July 4 before Chair Middlewood leaves town. She will be gone from April 14 through April 30.

1. Approval of Minutes

2. Roll Call

3. Public Awareness
a. Power point/Slide Presentation for July 4th in cooperation with Dept. of Parks and Recreation - Boisvenue

c. Smith School Reunion, display case, and dedication of library in Discovery Elementary, May 4, 2007 - Agostinelli, Middlewood, Heyboer

4. Lock on Heritage Room - Sengupta

5. Vacancy on Commission - Middlewood

9. Other business

10. Next meeting will be May 18, 2007, at the Heritage Room of the Kentwood Library.

11. Adjournment