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Kentwood Committees & Boards
Historical Commission
Minutes for 03/17/2005

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March 17, 2005

Chair Middlewood called the meeting to order at 6:42 p.m.

1. Roll Call:
Members present: Middlewood, Boisvenue, Heyboer, Agostinelli
Members absent: VanDyke, Thompson and Pacic with notification
Others present: Robert Kline

2. Approval of Minutes

Motion by Agostinelli supported by Boisvenue to approve the minutes of January 20, 2005 with corrections as presented.

- Motion carried -

3. Project Reports:

a. Oral History: Middlewood stated that she had reviewed the transcriptions for Bob Bendel and Judge Kelly; both of them would require follow-up interviews. Middlewood also reported that the Kentwood Advance interviewed her and Thompson regarding the oral history project.

b. Heritage Room: Middlewood presented an overview of Sarah?s status report on her work in the Heritage Room. It was also indicated that Mr. Bob McDonald has donated a picture of USS Arizona and a notebook to the Heritage Room collection.

c. Barn Survey: The Girls Scouts are yet to contact Dale to work on his Barn. They are currently scanning the pictures for the database.

d. Pine Hill Cemetery? The Girls Scouts would start the fieldwork as soon as the weather improves.

e. Website: There were no updates for this item..

4. Letters of Appreciation? The letters of appreciation for Tom Henry has been sent. The letter for Kentwood Women?s Club would be mailed shortly.

5. Publicity: Brochure for historic points of interest is almost ready. All efforts are being made to make it available for the Open House.

Open house: Arrangements have been made for the Open House. Boivenue reported on the status of the slide show. He asked staff if batch transfer of the slides would be possible, staff responded in the affirmative. Boisvenue gave a short overview of the sides and the presentation.

6. Commissioner?s Comments/Other Business:

Middlewood indicated that the Commission does not have any detailed information on the Jaycees and that could be another interesting project.

There was a brief discussion on the GRANGE. It was indicated that someone was working on a history of the GRANGE.

Middlewood reported that some other organizations have expressed interest over the barn database and would like to adapt it as a standard.

7. Next Meeting: The next meeting was scheduled for April 21, 2005, at 6:30.

8. There being no further business before the Commission, a motion was made by Heyboer, supported by Agostinelli, to adjourn. The motion carried.

The meeting adjourned at 7:20 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Debargha Sengupta
Planning Staff