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Kentwood Committees & Boards
Historical Commission
Minutes for 04/21/2005

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April 21, 2005

Chair Middlewood called the meeting to order at 6:40 p.m.

1. Roll Call:
Members present: Middlewood, Boisvenue, Heyboer, Thompson, VanDyke
Members absent: Agostinelli and Pacic with notification.
Others present: Robert Kline

2. Approval of Minutes

Minor corrections were proposed for the minutes: spelling corrected to ?Bendle? from ?Bendel? in page 1, and ?Boisvenue? from ?Boivenue? in page 2.

Motion by VanDyke supported by Heyboer to approve the minutes of March 17, 2005 with corrections as presented.

- Motion carried -

3. Project Reports:

a. Oral History: Thompson indicated that an oral history interview has been scheduled with Irene Waterson on May 5, 2005. This was followed by a brief discussion on future subjects for Oral History, including long time City employees (current as well as retired).

b. Heritage Room: Intern Hogan?s report on her Heritage Room work was presented and discussed. The Commission was generally appreciative of her work.

c. Barn Survey: The Girls Scouts are working on the project. There was a brief update from staff on the database.

d. Pine Hill Cemetery? The Girls Scouts are continuing with the fieldwork. They have indicated that even though the sites are numbered on the Cemetery base map, there are no identifiers on the ground to mark those sites.

e. Website: The changes/updates identified by Hogan are being incorporated in the website. Staff indicated that there could be some merit to adding a ?Links? page with web links to relevant websites.

4. Letters of Appreciation? All pending letters of appreciation has been mailed (the last one being the one for Kentwood Women?s Club).

5. Publicity: Brochure for historic points of interest needs a few corrections including the web address and a color logo. Potential sites for making the brochure available were discussed. As far as the printing of the brochure goes, Boisvenue indicated that he would check on the costs.

Open house: A report on the recently arranged open house was presented by Middlewood and Boisvenue. It was also indicated that there was an article on the press following the Open House.

6. Commissioner?s Comments/Other Business:

The Kiosk at the Bowen Park has been vandalized and the plexiglass cover needs to be replaced with something that is more durable. Kline indicated that a product called Lexan might be good alternative to plexiglass. Heyboer stated that he would try to find more about it see how the Kiosk could be repaired.

There was a brief discussion on the GRANGE. Boisvenue distributed printouts on the history of the GRANGE.

Heyboer mentioned that he was planning on assembling the transmitter at the old Wood Radio Station on 60th Street. VanDyke and Boisvenue volunteered to help him with that.

7. Next Meeting: The next meeting was scheduled for May 19, 2005, at 6:30.

8. There being no further business before the Commission, a motion was made by Heyboer, supported by Boisvenue, to adjourn. The motion carried.

The meeting adjourned at 7:28 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Debargha Sengupta
Planning Staff