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Historical Commission
Minutes for 01/19/2006

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January 19, 2006

Chair Middlewood called the meeting to order at 6:30 p.m. Middlewood took minutes due to the absence of Sengupta.

1. Roll Call:

Members present: Middlewood, Heyboer, Van Dyke, Boisvenue, Pacic, Thompson, and Agostinelli (arrived late with excuse).
Other present: Robert Kline

2. Approval of Minutes?Motion by Agostinelli, supported by Van Dyke to approve the minutes of October 27, 2005, as presented. Motion carried.

3. Public Awareness?taken out of order on the agenda.

a. Brochure for historic points of interest ? Boisvenue reported that he had attended the EDC meeting on January 17, 2006, and all were very receptive to our brochure based upon the memo submitted by Middlewood and the draft brochure prepared by Sengupta. Boisvenue added comments from a business perspective. The EDC approved funding for printing up to $1,500, but the project will have to go up for bids. They suggested a number of changes which are outlined in the attached report. Middlewood agreed to work on the changes and update the brochure with Sengupta. Boisvenue added that the EDC wants to see the finished product at their February meeting.

b. Boisvenue also reported that the Power Point/Slide presentation at the City Commission meeting went well. Middlewood said that she planned to schedule a similar presentation to the Kentwood Women?s Club in the future.

4. Project Reports:

a. Oral History: Thompson reported that she still has 10 oral histories that are outstanding, one from 2003. She noted that postcards will need to be sent if the transcriptions are not completed timely. She does not have any on hand; they were created by Sengupta. Middlewood advised that the contract is pending for the new transcriptionist. Thompson asked Heyboer if he still meets with Harold VanderLaan on Mondays and would he talk to him about setting an appointment for an oral history. She has been unable to make a satisfactory contact. Heyboer stated that the subject had been ill, but he expected to see him on January 23 and would see what he could do.

b. Heritage Room: Middlewood noted that an album titled ?Kentwood Library History? was found in the Heritage Room prior to the meeting. It included photographs of the earlier libraries on 44th Street near Division and at St. Mary Magdalene Church on 52nd Street. She will contact the librarian to determine its origin.

Robert Kline asked about the computer that was to be installed in the Heritage Room. Middlewood agreed to check with Sengupta.

Installation of a lock on the Heritage Room door for the protection of archival material was once again discussed.

c. Barn Survey: Middlewood advised that the Girl Scouts are still awaiting approval of their project from Grand Rapids, but they have been scanning the photographs.

d. Pine Hill Cemetery: Middlewood reported that she had talked to Colleen Kissane earlier this week and the Girl Scouts have most of the information on 3x5 cards... They took digital photographs of tombstones that were difficult to read. The next step is to transfer all of the information into forms on the computer.

3. Public Awareness:

a. Naming of Elementary School #11 ?Middlewood announced that the school has been named Discovery. Some discussion ensued. Heyboer questioned the mention of a medial room named after Smith School that was reported in the newspaper. Further investigation will be necessary.

b. ?Family Album? workshop in May or June. Middlewood suggested that the Commission sponsor a workshop that would help residents present their family histories in album form?including photographs and text. Agostinelli noted that she worked with someone involved in Creative Memories that might be willing to help. Middlewood also knows someone who helps create family histories (AfterWorld, John Morrison, 248-2706) that might be willing to help. Middlewood will further develop the idea with the approval of the Commission.

4. Arcadia Book Project: Middlewood contacted Arcadia Press directly after receiving an e-mail from the author which stated that the book would be published and the book signing should be scheduled in February or March. She reported that the release date for the book has not yet been determined, but will not occur prior to the end of March. She will be notified when the book is released. An appropriate acknowledgment of KHPC will appear in the front of the book.

5. Guidelines for use of materials from Heritage Room. Agostinelli agreed to draft some ideas for the next meeting.

6. Proposal for 2006 Celebrate Kentwood/Trail fest A discussion was held regarding KHPC participation in the event (Sept. 11, 2006). Agostinelli and Pacic will provide a draft of ideas for an event to be held at the Heyboer farm for the next meeting.

Next Meeting? The next meeting will be February 16, 2006, at 6:30 PM.

There being no further business before the Commission, a motion was made by Agostinelli, supported by Pacic, to adjourn. The motion carried.

The meeting adjourned at 7:30 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Esther A. Middlewood, Chair