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Kentwood Committees & Boards
Historical Commission
Minutes for 11/16/2006

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November 16, 2006

Chair Middlewood called the meeting to order at 6:35 p.m.

Members present: Middlewood, Thompson, Agostinelli, VanDyke, Heyboer and Boisvenue.
Absent: Pacic
Other present: Robert Kline

1. Approval of Minutes?Motion by VanDyke, supported by Boisvenue to approve the minutes of October 19, 2006 with corrections. Motion carried.

2. Project Reports:

a. The Pine Hill Cemetery project: No major updates to report.

b. Barn Survey: The Girl Scouts went to the Heyboer farm for a tour of the farmstead and the farm buildings with Dale Heyboer. They are currently awaiting approval of the Barn Survey project by the Girl Scouts council.

Boisvenue reported that there are some hand-hewn beams from his barn that could be preserved. Middlewood asked whether Heyboer would be willing to house the beams until KHPC has room for it. Heyboer indicated that he would.

c. Oral history: Thompson went over the status of the oral history project. There are 5 new oral history subjects on the line. Interviews would be scheduled after the holidays.

d. Heritage Room: Documents and photographs received from Gary Terrell that was in the possession of Earl H. Keys, a relative of Mr. Terrell who worked for Paris Township, have all been documented and entered into the ?Earl Keys Register? by Middlewood. Mr. Terrel may be bringing in some other documents and photographs; the Register would be updated when they are received.

3. Public Awareness

a. The Kentwood History Presentation: Boisvenue continues to work on the two presentations (one for elementary school students and one for adults).

b. The DVD prepared by Kelloggsville Students was discussed. It was mentioned that there may be several historically significant documents and photographs of the school at the Kellogsville Administrative offices on 52nd Street. Kline indicated that he would inquire on those.

4. Henry Koetsier?s collection: VanDyke indicated that he and Sengupta met with Henry Koetsier and filmed his collection. Sengupta indicated that because of the illumination levels, some of the photographs shown by Mr. Koetsier may not be properly visible in the film. Those photographs would have to be either scanned or photographed separately and edited into the film.

5. VanderLaan Barn Preservation: Staff provided an update on the status of the VanderLaan Barn. The dismantling is in the works. Heyboer indicated that the sidings on the barn are not soft wood like white pine; they are hard wood like yellow pine/ birch; as a result, nails cannot be taken out from the sidings without ruining them.

6. Fundraising: Some of the fundraising issues were discussed. Middlewood indicated that there may be some funding available from the Restore America Foundation. As indicated before, agostinelli would be in charge of the project.

7. Other business/Comments: Middlewood reported that there would be an open house for the newly renovated James Lane House at 9320 South Division.

Also, Middlewood and Sengupta reminded the members of the Christmas Open House hosted by the City scheduled for December 1, 2006, a Friday.

8. Next Meeting ? The next meeting will be January 18, 2006, at 6:30 PM possibly at the City Hall so that the two DVDs can be viewed.

There being no further business before the Commission, a motion was made by Thompson supported by Boisvenue to adjourn.

The meeting adjourned at 7:35 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Debargha Sengupta,
Planning Staff.