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Kentwood Committees & Boards
Historical Commission
Minutes for 03/15/2007

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March 15, 2007

Chair Middlewood called the meeting to order at 6:35 p.m. Middlewood took minutes due to the absence of Sengupta.

Members present: Middlewood, Heyboer, Van Dyke, Pacic, Thompson, and Agostinelli.
Absent: Boisvenue (with excuse).

1. Approval of Minutes?Motion by Pacic, supported by Agostinelli to approve the minutes of February 15, 2007, as presented. Motion carried.

2. Project Reports:

a. Pine Hill Cemetery?Middlewood reported that the Girl Scouts are once again working on the cemetery project. There had been a weather delay, but they hope to finish the project this spring.

b. Oral History?Thompson indicated that she has almost run out of subjects to interview. She has interviewed Arlene Keyes, Judith Spinner, Bernard Terrell, Kenneth VanderLaan, and Joan (Heyboer) Mayer. She will unavailable for most of April and May because she will be undergoing radiation therapy. Middlewood agreed to find additional subjects. Meanwhile, our transcriber has agreed to continue with modifications in her contract regarding ?turn around? time. We will be extending the time limit.

c. Heritage Room?Cheryl Kamminga (Branch Librarian) advised that some artifacts had been left on the table. Examination showed that the donations included Dirk VanderLaan?s fire helmet, a number of achievement certificates, and a hydrant wrench. There was no indication as to who donated the items. (NOTE: A telephone call to Nancy Shane at the Kentwood Fire Department determined that she and Chief Carr placed the items in the Heritage Room.)

d. Barn Survey?Middlewood acknowledged that time is running out for the Girl Scouts to finish the barn survey. She will check on their progress and report at the next meeting.

3. Public Awareness

a. Power Point/Slide Presentation?Boisvenue had reported by telephone to Middlewood. She advised tat he is working with the Department of Parks and Rec. to offer a ?Then and Now? presentation at Kentwood?s 4th of July celebration.

b. Smith School?Middlewood announced that the Smith School Reunion date has been set for May 4. Heyboer advised that the school desk is ready to be picked up and delivered to Discovery for display. Appropriate forms have been made available for permanent loan of Smith School artifacts. Agostinelli has been in contact with the Mayor?s office and Discovery. The event will begin at 2:00 p.m. and include some interaction with students. Middlewood suggested that interviews with former Smith School students and Discovery students be videotaped and such topics as 1) favorite school memory/event; 2) school activities, 3) friends be discussed. It was suggested that Pacic contact WKTV for filming.

c. Mature Lifestyle, March 2007 article was submitted by Middlewood. The issue contains interesting information about genealogical research and recording personal histories.

6. Lock on Heritage Room?VanDyke volunteered to contact Sengupta and get keys made.

7. Vacancy on Commission?Middlewood asked members to search out possible candidates and have them submit applications to the Mayor?s office. Pacic advised that she might know someone who would be interested. Agostinelli suggested that Heyboer recruit one of the old Smith School group.

8. The date was not set for the next meeting. Although it would normally be April 19, both Middlewood and Sengupta would be absent. The suggestion was made to hold the meeting on April 30 or May 1 so that plans for the May 4 event could be finalized. April 12 was another alternative. Middlewood noted that she would consult with Sengupta and contact members with the information.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:25 pm on a motion by Pacic, supported by Thompson.

Respectfully submitted,

Esther A. Middlewood