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Kentwood Committees & Boards
Historical Commission
Minutes for 10/14/2013

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October 14, 2013

Present: Gerry Noorman, Dave Van Dyke, Gerry Richard Cunningham, Esther Middlewood

Others Present:  Lisa Golder

  1. Approval of Minutes:
Esther indicated that there was an error in the minutes.Marsha Heyboer’s name should be Marsha Heyboer Wilkerson rather than Wilkenson.
With this correction, a motion was made by Dave Van Dyke with support from Dick Cunningham to approve the September 2013 Historic Preservation Commission minutes.
--Motion Carried.

Gerry asked about what was decided with respect to the framed mill picture—was it going to be sold since it is a mill in Jenison and has nothing to do with Kentwood?  Esther said she has not decided but we will ask Bob about putting it on Craig’s List.  With EBay we would have shipping cost and there is glass in the picture.

  1. Cemetery Walk:
The cemetery walk took place on October 4th.There were about 21 people that came out which is considered a good success since it was during Art Prize and there were other things going on that weekend.Also it rained that morning before the event so the grass was wet.The event was well-publicized.Dave talked to a lot of people that were going through the cemetery.With the approval of the board, Esther is going to send a letter to KDL and to Cheryl Cammenga thanking Adam for his efforts.

  1. Heritage Room Update
Gerry said that not too many people have been in to see the room.Dave said he is working on cleaning up the pictures that Jim Muller had in Bob Evans.He said it would be a good project for him over the winter months.After the pictures are cleaned up he can put them in the room.The Commission talked about having information on the old airport or model airplanes in the room.

  1. Barn Survey
The Barn Survey has been started many times but never finished.It was to be a pcturesand inventory of the barns that were standing in 2008.We had photos taken and the types of barns were identified as well as their history and ownership.The was originally through MSU Extension as a 4H project.Then the Girl Scouts were going to work on it.Finally other people committed to working on it, including Ray Boisvenue.We have no forms filled out and no background on most of the barns.The information that should be included with the picture include:
  • The construction, materials and history of the farmstead
  • Information on the family that built it or lived in it. 
  • This information was to be put together in a boof—farms then and now.
The problem is finding the owners of the barns, as many of the barns and family members are gone.
Lisa said she would see what information can be made available through city hall, such as assessor’s records etc.

  1. Oral History:
Mayor Clanton has agreed to do an oral history.It is scheduled for October 21st.
  1. WKTV:
Esther has been contacted by Janice Limbaugh at 
WKTV. We are starting a hyper-local news website for the 
cities of Wyoming and Kentwood. We are working on the website at this 
time and plan to be live in November.
The website will focus on local news from both cities with articles 
written by residents. They are interested in points of interest including local history.  She would like Esther to write a feature article between 200 and 500 words about the history of Kentwood. This article will be on the WKTV website page for the City of Kentwood, and there will be a nameplate by the article.  They are interested in an article that blends facts of present day Kentwood with historical Kentwood.
7.Cora’s Cookbook
Esther is working on the text for Cora’s Cookbook, editing and categorizing the recipes into the different types of recipes and incorporating facts on Cora Bowen Stauffer and other facts and pictures about the Bowens.There will be a disclosure regarding the recipes as there is not instruction that goes with them and they have not been tested.We will have to decide what to do with the cookbook.
The next meeting of the Kentwood Historic Preservation Commission is scheduled for November 11, 2013.However, since this is a City Commission meeting, we will move the meet to the third Monday, November 18th 2013 at 6:00.
A motion was made with support to adjourn.                    
                                                                                                --Motion Carried—