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Kentwood Committees & Boards
Historical Commission
Minutes for 09/12/2011

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September 12, 2011

1.       Roll Call: 
Present:                Middlewood, Van Dyke, Noorman, Kline
Absent:                Haven
2.       Approval of Minutes: 
A motion was made by VanDyke with support from Noorman to approve the minutes of August 8, 2011
3.       Oral History:
We are waiting on several CDs to finish up the histories for Muller, Nortier, and Wanroy.   Fred Vichtor has been transcribed but needs to be reviewed by Mr. Vichtor. Joyce would like to complete this soon.
Esther said that there are 5-6 new oral histories that are ready to be taken. Gerry has volunteered to help with the oral histories. Esther will work with Gerry to show her how to take the oral histories. Esther has the recorders also. 
4.       Website:
Esther has some corrections for the website and will review all of the material. It is not as outdated as she thought that it would be. The commissioners list needs to be updated. She will edit the Historic Commission’s page on the website and get the corrections to Lisa. Joe Pung in Planning will be able to update.
5.       Heritage Room: Has been open on Mondays; Gerry has been in the room on Mondays and many other days as well. She has been getting the materials organized by subject. She has organized newspaper clippings, and put information together by subject. For example, all the information on the Bowen family is now in one place. She ahs also continued the cataloging that is organized in a binder so that people will know what information in available and where to find it. She has also types up the marriage records that are available from the Justice of the Peace. She will continue to work on the organization project.
6.       Local History Radio Spot through GVSU:
WGVSU is offering History Roundtable members to share an interesting fact or story regarding their area. Kentwood is scheduled for October airing. The interview/story can be recorded in advance and can be done over the phone. Topics were discussed, including, the history of the airport, the train wreck, the first murder, Jerry Ford and the Patterson family, etc. After discussion, the story surrounding the original airport and other historic places surrounding the original airport (such as the fairgrounds, etc.) was chosen as a discussion. Esther asked Bob Kline if he could do the interview, as she will not be available. Bob will get in touch with the organizer of the program to find out how much time is allocated, and will prepare talking points to be used for the interview.
7.       Patterson Farm: 
Dave is working on getting in touch with Mel Patterson.
8.       Membership: There are 3 vacancies on the Historic Preservation Commission (after Eloise resigns).   Gerry will ask Ron Oosterhouse if he is interested. New members are needed.
9.       Other business:
Discussion ensured regarding the Gaines Historic Preservation Society and their meetings, as well as the 92nd Street hill in Gaines Township, the Fisher Station area, and the inns or taverns that used to be along the Division Avenue Plank road.
Esther received a letter and resume from a potential intern from GVSU. This internship was discussed with GVSU when Eloise had committed to working with an intern and Bruce was on the Commission. The intern seemed most interested in working with Eloise and Bruce because of their background and experience.   Esther will contact GVSU and explain that Eloise and Bruce are not on the Commission anymore, but maybe the intern could work with the individuals and use the library for a base.
Discussion ensued regarding preparing a self-guided cemetery tour, where the graves of various pioneers could be highlighted along with information and photos about the pioneer and their families. This is a possible project for next October.