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Kentwood Committees & Boards
Historical Commission
Minutes for 09/09/2013

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September 9, 2013

Present: Gerry Noorman, Bob Kline, Jackie Perrin, Dave Van Dyke, Gerry Noorman, Richard Cunningham, Esther Middlewood

Others Present:  Lisa Golder, Commissioner Sharon Brinks, Anne Bongo, Adam Oster
  1. Approval of Minutes:
A motion was made by Dave Van Dyke with support from Bob Kline to approve the July 2013 Historic Preservation Commission minutes.
--Motion Carried.

  1. Cemetery Walk:
Adam Oster was available to talk about the cemetery walk, which is scheduled for October 5, 2013 from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM.  It is a self guided tour.  Information on the cemetery walk has been placed in the newsletter and other events calendar for the Kent District Library.  Both Adam and Cheryl Cammenga attended the cemetery walk that was recently held in Grand Rapids.  This event was well attended.  There was discussion on getting the work out about the event.  Lisa will make sure a copy of the flyer goes to the Rec Department and is sent to Carlene Root, who expressed an interest in being there for the walk.  Marsha Heyboer Wilkenson may be interested in attending as well.  Lisa will send an email to the sexton to let him know this is going on.  It was suggested that people that own plots in the cemetery might want to learn more about the place that they will eventually be buried.  Lisa will look into whether the Rec Department’s temporary sign can be borrowed to use for the event.  It would be beneficial if the sign can be up a week before the event and the day of the event.
  1. Heritage Room Update
Gerry showed the group the materials that have been donated for the use within the heritage room.Jim Muller has brought all the information he has on the old Kent County Airport.Dave volunteered to hang some on the information on the wall for people to see.There were new books that have been donated regarding the history of Michigan through the centuries.She has also has had more visitors including two from out of state. Pictures and other items have also been donated.She has also been very busy getting ready for the cemetery walk.
Esther said that Pat Mall from WKTV called and wanted some pictures of historic properties within the area.  Esther pointed her toward the Heyboer Farm, the Octagon House, East Paris School at Woodland Creek Apartments, the Smith House, and others.  She also had a picture of the mill in Jenison that Eloise Haven has donated.  The Jenison Historic Preservation Commission did not want it so she wanted to know if it is ok to try to sell the piece on EBay to make money for the Commission.
  1. Oral History:
Commissioner Brinks is working on getting her father and others from his church to give an oral history.  We do want to try and keep the number of people interviewed in one session relatively small so that the transcriptionist can understand what is being said and who said it.  Amy Cygan is still interested in working on the project.
  1. Cora’s Cookbook
Esther is working on the text for Cora’s Cookbook, editing and making sure the recipes are correct.  When we have a copy of the cookbook material we will make sure there is enough material for a decent cookbook.  They will be spiral bound.  We will have to decide quantity and what we plan to do with the cookbooks.  Information on Cora Bowen should be added.
  1. Grand Rapids Public Library Report     
Lisa said that the HPC went to the Grand Rapids Public Library to visit the photograph collection and see how much information was available that may be of interest to Kentwood.  She said that initially there were concerns about an individual group coming in and taking photographs of the collection.  Since the employees needed to talk to their supervisor about whether the HPC was allowed to take pictures of the collection, we decided not to take any more pictures until we had talked to the supervisor of the history collection.  The supervisor called Lisa the next day and indicated that for a local Historic Preservation Committee, they would scan and make a CD of any pictures we were interested in, to help our cause of preservation of local history.  Lisa is working on a list of pictures we may be interested in.  The only down side to this is that most of the pictures only come with an on-line written description, so we may not know necessarily if it is relevant.  There are many different ways to search the database—by address, by topic, by business name, so it will take a long time to find information that relates to Paris Township or to Kentwood.  A search on just “Kentwood” turns up no photos in the Robinson collection, which is one of the larger photo collections.  So the bottom line is that the Grand Rapids Public Library will scan pictures for us, but we need to do it in the name of the Kentwood Historic Preservation Commission.  Lisa will send them a list when she has a long list to for them, and they can find them and scan as they have time to do so.
  1. Membership
Jennifer Dennis has moved out of the city and therefore cannot be on the Commission.  Jackie Moore has recently moved to the city of Wyoming.  She may continue to attend meetings, but will otherwise have  to resign.  Please talk to neighbors and friends to see if someone wants to get involved!
The next meeting of the Kentwood Historic Preservation Commission is scheduled for October 14, 2013. 
A motion was made with support to adjourn.                  
                                                                                                --Motion Carried—